1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

We had a fun Cinderella themed cake smash that fit perfectly with this blue eyed girl. She absolutely loved her cake and did not mind getting messy at all. she also loved splashing in her bath after the cake. Check out some images and replay the live video from the session on my Facebook page. _mg_1052_mg_1130_mg_1204_mg_1210_mg_1249_mg_1252

Andrea Schinze Photography specializes in newborn, children and family photos. Serving many cities in and around Carver County, MN including Mayer MN, Waconia MN, Watertown MN, Lester Prairie MN and more. If you or someone you know is looking to captured these once in a lifetime moments such as 1st birthday photos, cake smash photos, newborn photos, family photos or even mini photo shoots have them contact Andrea Schinze Photography today.

Milk Bath photo shoot

Lots of smiles and lots of splashing was had during this fun milk bath session. This cute little tub and custom backdrop went together perfectly.  Check out my Facebook fan page to see more photos  from this fun session!

mayer-mn-cake-smash-birthday-photosmayer-mn-1- year-birthday-photos

Andrea Schinze Photography specializes in newborn, children and family photos. Serving many cities in and around Carver County, MN including Mayer MN, Waconia MN, Watertown MN, Lester Prairie MN and more. If you or someone you know is looking to captured these once in a lifetime moments such as 1st birthday photos, cake smash photos, newborn photos, family photos or even mini photo shoots have them contact Andrea Schinze Photography today.

How to prepare for your Fall mini session


We have another fun filled weekend of fall mini sessions in Chanhassen Minnesota this weekend. I always email this flyer out all my clients a few day’s before there session and I thought I would share it with all of you as well! Anyone who has thought about getting fall pictures taken or wants to book a photo session with me in the future here are some tips for you.

Arrive early

Mini sessions are short, lasting about 30 minutes each. The sessions are scheduled in time blocks and back to back and so there will often be other clients having a session right before and after your session so it’s very important to be on time. I recommend that you get there early, at least 15-20 minutes, to make sure you have time to find the location, park, get everyone out of the car, do last minute primping and find our meeting spot.

Plan ahead

Plan your outfits along with shoes, accessories, hair style, etc. ahead of time. If you have an early morning shoot ant can be help to Iron and lay clothes out the night before. Bring snacks (non-messy) and something to entertain the little ones if you arrive early. If your little ones are slow to warm up it can be helpful to bring a favorite toy or lovey to help to comfort them and make things go more smoothly. As a last resort you can plan a bribe such as a “treat” at the end of the session to get through the shoot with some happy smiles.

For pets brining a favorite treat and toy also helps for getting them to sit, stay and look at the camera.

What Should we wear?

My best advice is to wear something that you love and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Tips: Fall colors are wonderful for fall photos and can work best as an accent color mixed with more neutrals. For example: use a bright red, yellow or orange accent mixed with a more neutral colors such as browns, creams, and greys. Coordinating  family outfits always looks nice you don’t need matching outfits but having coordination colors  in each person’s outfit helps to create a cohesive look.  I recommend avoiding anything with big logos, words or characters on them. Solid colors work best but adding in a bit of coordinating patterns can help bring some texture to your photos; just try and stick to one or two patterns or textural elements because the patterns can easily become a distraction in the photos.  Clothing with texture, such as knit sweaters, textured cardigans, and draped clothing photograph beautifully. Have fun with layers and accessories, such as scarves, vests, hats (that don’t cover your face), rain or fall boots, etc. These tips will help keep your photos timeless, but remember I want the photos to represent you and your family so if your family is colorful and fun and you want to come in with bright colors, patterns or characters go for it. I’m always happy to shoot a family in a way that will best represent their personality.

posing for your photos

Do you feel uncomfortable having your picture taken or feel awkward posing? You’re not alone tis is normal for most people so don’t worry about it. For me I like to casual poses that feel natural, where you just happen to be looking beautiful and surrounded by an amazing setting. I can direct your poses as needed, but please feel free to just be in the moment with your family, and let me capture those natural candid moments for you.

If you have any questions or want to run your wardrobe ideas past me? Please feel free to contact me! I’m happy to help!








Easter Mini Sessions

We are having a our Easter mini sessions Saturday & Sunday April 8th and 9th. The set was created by Andrea Schinze and inspired by “The Easter bunny” Of course the Easter Bunny himself cannot make it to the session as he’s busy getting ready for Easter but there are lot of cute stuffed bunnies on  the set to help remind us all of Easter and Spring. The set is always changing and moving around so that each photo session can be unique and one of a kind. There are lots of fun props to use including felt carrots, baskets, flowers and even some bunny ears to dress up in. The kids will have a great time on this Easter set and we will get some amazing photos of them at the same time.

The session will take place in my home studio in Mayer, MN and will include up to 30 minutes of session time, (5) digital images and (1) 5×7 professional print of your favorite pose.

And the best part is it’s only $60!

easter mini 2.jpg

Sessions are Limited so make sure to book you session as soon as possible. You can do that by sending an email to andreasue81@hotmail.com. or through a message on our Facebook fan page.

Let me know what day and time you would like and then Using the form below you can sign the contract and pay for you session to hold your spot.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. andreasue81@hotmail.com

Senior Photos

I don’t only do newborn photography in my home studio in Mayer Minnesota but I also do Senior photography in studio and on location. We can meet at a beautiful park or lake in any of the surrounding cities in carver county to take your beautiful senior photos in Mayer, Waconia, Chaska, or another location in or near carver county. If you are looking for  studio portraits we can do them in the studio also. My senior sessions can be done in multiple locations with several outfit and prop changes and we will customize the session to help tell the story of you and the activities you love to do. Below are some photos from a recent senior session taken in Excelsior, MN and also at the Watertown-Mayer High School. You can find more on the Andrea Schinze Photography Facebook fan page.

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Baby Photography Props

mayer-mn-newborn-photographerPhoto by Andrea Schinze of Andrea Schinze Photography in Mayer, MN

When doing a newborn session it is fun to customize the portraits to help tell the story of your baby and family. In The photo above I posed my 4 week old daughter with my antique camera collection. The camera the baby is leaning on belonged to my great grandmother, so it is very special to me. If you have an item that is special to your family such as a blanket passed down from many generations or an item that belonged to a relative or even something that is not a family heirloom such as a prop that you bought to hang in the nursery it might make a great story and we can incorporate it into the session. Any item that you think might make a good prop and help tell the story of your family can work. I have helped incorporate many items such as a stuffed bear made from the shirt of a late grandfather; a tiara mom wore on her wedding day, a homemade Christmas tree ornament and many more. If you have an idea for buying or using an old item for a prop fell free to let me know and we can discuss it in a complementary planning session. Props also work great for maternity portraits and are extra fun to have in both the maternity and newborn portraits of you and your baby.

For this image and all others the safety of the baby is my number one priority. There is always a person to help spot and hold the baby up safely. Often times the hands of the helpers are on the baby at all times and then the hands are removed from the final image with the help of Photoshop.


Steps of your newborn photo session.

Step 1: Planning Session- “your penciled in” It’s recommended to book your session before -the baby is born. If you give us a call in your second or third trimester we will pencil you in around the time of your expected due date. We know that date is not set in stone but we will use it as a starting point and pencil you in to hold a spot for you when baby is born. During this time and before step two we will also have a pre-consultation where we will do some session planning to help customize your newborn session so that it is perfect and just what you are looking for. We will discuss everything from colors, poses, themes and props and we will plan the session to be just the way you like it. We will also discuss the types of products you would like such as customized photo books, hanging wall art and other printed products to display your newborn images onto. This session works best in person so you can see sample products but we can do it over the phone if needed.

Step 2: Booking- Once baby is born you can give us a call to get the session day booked and on the schedule. The types of posed newborn sessions I do are best done during the first 4 weeks after baby is born; with day’s 4- 14 being the best. During the first 4 weeks babies are extra sleepy and we can move them around and get them posed into those beautiful curled up poses much easier. You can call or email me to get the session booked. After booking I will email more details with what to expect during the session including some tips and tricks to help prep your baby to help ensure a sleepy happy baby during the photo session.

Step 3: Photo Session Day- Most sessions are done in my home studio in Mayer, MN but we can also schedule an in home session or even outdoors if the weather is warm enough. It’s important for the house or studio to be nice and warm. So if the session is in your home we will ask you to crank up the heat during the session. If we are all sweating then baby is probably feeling nice and snugly and that will help with keeping a happy and sleepy baby. The photo session is the longest part and can take 1-3 hours. The time line all depends on the baby. We like to go slow and make sure the baby is happy and comfortable with plenty of breaks to eat and get into a nice deep sleep. Your newborns safety is number 1 priority and keeping him or her happy is the best way to ensure a successful photo session.

Step 4: The reveal session- 2-3 weeks after the photos are taken we will meet again so that I can reveal your beautiful gallery of images. I will prepare a lovely sideshow of proofs so that you and your family can view the photos one by one and decided what images you would like to take home. You can decided what products you would like such as keepsake photo albums, wall art, baby announcement cards and lots more.

Step 5: The last step is delivery- It typically takes 1-3 weeks for the products to be printed from my professional lab and delivered to my home studio. This time can vary depending on what products are made.  I will contact you the moment they arrive so that we can plan for pick up or delivery.

If you have any questions or would like to book a newborn photo session you can fill out the form below or call me. You can also contact me via my Facebook fan page!

mayer minnesota newborn photographer
Foggy pose by newborn photographer Andrea Schinze in Mayer, MN

Newborn Twin Session

My second twin newborn session since moving to my new home studio in Mayer Minnesota. Although for this session the baby girls were photographed in their own home due to being preemies. They were only home 6 days after spending  2 weeks in the NICU. They are growing and thriving well.

If you would like to book a session, feel free to email andreaschinze@gmail.com or message me on facebook  and we can get you booked. Andrea Schinze Photography specializes in newborn, maternity and family photography in the Carver County Minnesota area; serving: Mayer, Waconia, Watertown, Chaska, Chanhassen, Norwood Young America and suraounding areas.